Posthuman Worlds

Nov 18, 2017 - Nov 18, 2017 Lecture

Opening: Nov 18, 2017 15:00 Saturday
Curators: SenSend , videoclub
Artists: Lawrence Lek
Address: Chronus Art Center, Building 18, No 50 Moganshan Road
Date: 2017.11.18 15:00-16:30

Who will the artists of the future be? When AIs attain superhuman levels of creativity, will we embrace or exile these non-human creators? In Lek's science fiction film Geomancer, an international group of pro-human activists formulate the 'Anti-AI Art Law' because of their fears about the rise of creative AIs. While banning AIs from galleries, literary awards and art prizes might seem excessive, it might not be so far from reality. As automated digital technologies extend traditional notions of authorship, creativity in the new millennium will become an increasingly political frontier.

Using his most recent film Geomancer and other examples from his virtual worlds, Lawrence Lek will trace the development of his use of fictional artists to explore the politics of creativity. Drawing from his background in architecture, music and filmmaking, these works use video game engines to re-imagine real places within science fiction scenarios. These projects also include Sinofuturism (1839-2046 AD); and Play Station (Art Night, London, 2017). During the artist talk at Chronus Art Center, Lawrence Lek will also explore how digital artworks – themselves symptomatic of a neoliberal shift towards the experience economy - enable artists to construct new narrative forms that both celebrate and critique technology.

  • Unreal Estate (the Royal Academy is yours) | Lawrence Lek

  • Geomancer | Lawrence Lek

    Video | | 2017

  • Sinofuturism (1839 - 2046 AD) | Lawrence Lek

    Video | 01:00:00