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  • Group Name: boredomresearch
    Group Member: Vicky Isley, Paul Smith
    Group FoundedTime: 1996
    boredomresearch is a collaboration between British artists Vicky Isley and Paul Smith, their work benefits from a long lasting fascination in the mechanics of the natural world which they explore using contemporary technology. Their work transcends boundaries between art, science and society, with previous projects exploring topics including: the intricate biological signatures of neural activity, the frontiers of disease modeling and our cultural obsession with speed.

    boredomresearch have been working in collaboration with world leading science institutions across Europe creating artworks developed from their ground breaking research.

    In 2015, boredomresearch collaborated with Dr Vlad Vyazovskiy, a neuroscientist from the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute at the University of Oxford to create a powerful visual expression of his world leading research into the mechanics of sleep. This visual expression of the dream of a laboratory mouse entitled Dreams of Mice: Ron, 19 October 2014 at 2:48am is driven by data collected from subdermal implants revealing the intriguing beauty of slumber.

    From 2014 to 2016, boredomresearch collaborated with Dr Paddy Brock, a mathematical modeler at the Institute of Biodiversity Animal Health and Comparative Medicine at the University of Glasgow. They explored the bounds of current epidemiological practice considering the spatial qualities of disease transmission in their project AfterGlow, an Animate Projects commission funded by the Wellcome Trust. This art and science collaborative project led towards the creation of a new representation of a malaria infection transmission scenario which was awarded in September 2016 the prestigious Lumen Prize in the Moving Image Category.

    The art of boredomresearch opens channels for meaningful dialogue and engagement between public and scientific domains. For example, their work Real Snail Mail (the world's first webmail service to use real snails) challenging our cultural obsession with speed, received worldwide attention, including: BBC, TIME Magazine, New Scientist and Discovery Channel Canada.

    The artworks of boredomresearch are in collections around the world including the British Council and Borusan Contemporary Art Collection, Istanbul. Recent international exhibitions include: Balance Unbalance 2016, Manizales; Bio-Art 2015, Seoul; ISEA 2015, Vancouver; TRANSITIO MX_06 Electronic Arts & Video Festival, Mexico City in 2015; Soft Control: Art, Science and the Technological Unconscious, Slovenia in 2012 and Gateways, House of Electronic Arts, Basel in 2012.

    boredomresearch are represented by DAM Gallery, Berlin and are Research Lecturers at the National Centre for Computer Animation, Bournemouth University. In 2015 they initiated BLAST (Bournemouth Lab of Art, Science & Technology) which celebrates, reinforces and nurtures world leading arts, science and technological interactions.
  • Biography

    Paisley Pearls, Paisley Museum, Glasglow (2016-17);

    Fragments, DAM Gallery, Berlin (2013);

    By This Time Next Year, Georges House Gallery, Folkestone (2011);

    Brilliant Cloud, DAM Gallery, Cologne (2011);

    Brilliant Cloud, Millais Off-site Project Space, Southampton (2010);

    Chasing Stillness, DAM Gallery, Berlin (2009);

    Tumbling Dream Chambers, DAM Gallery, Berlin (2007);

    Theatre of Restless Automata, Peterborough Digital Arts (March 2006);

    New Greenham Arts, Newbury (2005);

    HTTP, Islington, London (2005);

    Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth (2005).



    Seeing Systems, ArtScience Museum, Singapore (3 – 31 August 2018);

    CAS50: Fifty Years of The Computer Art Society, Lightbox Gallery, Leicester (21 May – 13 June 2018);

    The Women of Wray Castle: Convention and Control, Wray Castle, Cumbria (2 March – 25 November 2018);

    Both Sides Now 4 – UK Tour, Phoenix, Leicester (29 March 2018); Fabrica, Brighton (27 March 2018); SOAS, University of London (9 March 2018) and HOME, Manchester (2 December 2017);

    SUBMERGED, SciArt Center Online Exhibition (9 Nov 2017 – ongoing);

    Artience Daejeon 17, Silent Signal, British Council Exhibition, Daejeon Artist House, Daejeon, South Korea (15-24 September 2017);

    Balance Unbalance, Plymouth UK (21 – 23 August 2017);

    Our Friends Electric, QUAD Gallery Derby (1 July  – 10 Sept 2017);

    Future Emerging Art & Technology (FEAT) Exhibition, LifeSpace Dundee and BOZAR, Brussels (14-30 Sept 2017);

    ISEA 2017, Manizales, Colombia (2017); 3rd Culture Film Festival, Loft22 in Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong (2017);

    Lumen Prize Exhibition, tour in 2017 includes: Winter Lights Festival, Canary Wharf London;

    FQ Projects Shanghai and Creative Tech Week, NYC (2017);

    Tour in 2016 includes: Berlin Electronic Visualisation of the Arts Conference, State Museum of Berlin (2016); Caerphilly Castle, Wales (2016) and Lumen Winners Gala, Hackney House, London (2016).

    Data Aesthetics Exhibition, Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam in conjunction with ACM Multimedia conference and Waag Society (2016); Festival of Endless Gratitude, Copenhagen (2016);

    Alt-w Exhibition, Edinburgh Art Festival (2016);

    Science of the Unseen, SIGGRAPH 2016 Online Exhibition – Anaheim, California (2016);

    Glasgow Science Festival, Scotland (2016);

    Digitra Exhibition, Treviso ricerca arte, Treviso Italy (2016);

    VIS Vienna Independent Shorts Festival, Austria (2016);

    Balance Unbalance Exhibition, Colombia (2016);

    Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Germany (2016);

    Silent Signal, Animate Projects Exhibition supported by the Wellcome Trust touring to QUAD, Derby; Vivid Projects, Birmingham; Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton; Wellcome Collection, London; LifeSpace, Dundee and Phoenix, Leicester in the UK (2016).

    Moving Image NY, Waterfront New York Tunnel, New York (2016);

    International Image Festival, Cultural and Convention Center Theater, Manizales Colombia (2016).

    Transitio_MX, Festival of Electronic & Video Art, National Arts Centre, Mexico City (2015);

    ISEA International Symposium of Electronic Art, Vancouver Canada (2015);

    BIOART Exhibition, Gwacheon National Science Museum, Seoul Korea (2015);

    ACM Creativity and Cognition Exhibition, the Glasgow School of Art (2015);

    Transmission Symposium, Bournemouth University (2015);

    A EYE: An exhibition of art and nature inspired computation, AISB (The Society for the

    Study of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour) 50th Convention, Goldsmith University London (2014);

    Automatic Art, GV Art Gallery, London (2014);

    Intuition and Ingenuity: An Art Exhibition in Celebration of the Life of Alan Turing, Bletchley Park (2013).

    Soft Control: Art, Science and the Technological Unconscious, Kiblix, Maribor, Solvenia (2012);

    Gateways, House of Electronic Arts, Basel Switzerland (2012);

    Intuition and Ingenuity: An Art Exhibition in Celebration of the Life of Alan Turing, touring in 2012 to Phoenix Square, Leicester; Robert Gordon University Library Gallery, Aberdeen; AISB/IACAP World Congress 2012, Birmingham; V&A Digital Design Weekend, London; Lovebytes Festival, Sheffield; Lighthouse, Brighton and Kinetica Art Fair, London.

    Uncontainable:Broken Stillness, ISEA, Istanbul (2011);

    Gateways, KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn Estonia (2011);

    Current, Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston (2011);

    Broken Stillness, Salisbury Art Centre, Salisbury (2011);

    Electrohype Biennial 2010, Ystad Art Museum, Ystad Sweden (2010-11);

    Urban Topos/Edge City, Today Art Museum, Beijing (2010);

    File Prix Luz, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2010);

    NETinSPACE, MAXXI, Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, Rome (2010);

    El Proceso como Paradigma, Laboral, Gijon (2010);
    On the Edge of the World, John Hope Gateway Gallery, Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh (2010);

    E-volve, DAM Gallery, Cologne (2010).

    British Science Festival, Guildhall, Guildford (2009);

    Pattern Recognition, The City Gallery, Leceister (2009);

    STRP Festival, Eindhoven, Netherlands (2009);

    SALON Exhibition, The Study Gallery, Poole UK (2008);

    SIGGRAPH08, Slow Art Gallery Exhibition, Los Angeles USA (2008);

    Art.ficial Emotion 4.0: Emergence!, Instituto Itau Cultural, Sao Paulo Brazil (2008);

    CAe2008, Computational Aesthetics Exhibition, Lisbon Portugal (2008);

    Holy Fire:The Art of the Digital Age, iMAL Center for Digital Cultures and Technology, Brussels, Belgium (2008);

    Digital Media Intervention, Headquarters former Valencia University, Spain (2008);

    Follyplay, Event Burnley Youth Theatre, Lancaster (2008);

    NETworking, Haifa Museum of Art, Israel (2008);

    Velocity, Digital Art Festival, Folly Lancaster (2007);

    Digiville, Lighthouse, Brighton (2007);

    CAe2007, Computational Aesthetics Conference & Exhibition Banff Centre of Arts, Alberta Canada (2007);

    Digital Aesthetics 2, Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston (2007);

    Enter Festival, Unknown Territories Cambridge (2007);

    Web Biennial 2007, Web Based International Contemporary Art Exhibition (2007).

    Natural Habitats, Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo Amsterdam (2006);

    TAGGED , Space Media Arts, London (2006);

    SIGGRAPH06, Intersections Art Gallery Exhibition, Boston USA (2006);

    Unnatural Selection, Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery, open exhibition (2006);

    ACE 2006, Leonardo exhibition, Hollywood LA (2006);

    SIGGRAPH05, Los Angeles International New Media Festival (2005);

    New Forest Pavilion, Artsway Group Exhibition, Venice (2005);

    Hands Free Series, Dorchester Arts Centre (2005);

    Dots & Lines, BBC Online Sound Exhibition (2005);

    Transmediale.05, international media arts festival, Berlin, Germany (2005);

    FILE04 , International digital festival, Brazil (2004).

    Data: Base, New Media Event, Dublin (2003);

    Theory of Catastrophe, SCAN launch, Southampton (2003);

    Aquanox, All Change, Islington, London Canal project (2003);

    WinterWonderland, Lighthouse, Poole (2002);

    Electrohype Biennial 2002, Malmo, Sweden (2002);

    Power to the People, Contemporary Art Forum, Kitchener Exhibition, Canada (2002);

    Garage, Festival for art, Music and Film, Stralsund, Germany (2002);

    SoundToys, Convergence exhibition, New Media Centre, ICA, London (2002);

    SoftForm, Propeller Gallery, Toronto, Canada, (2002);

    Matter & Memory, Montreal, Canada (2002);

    Possible not Probable, G39, Cardiff (2002);

    minus20, Gasworks Gallery, London (2002).

  • Exhibitions
    • FREE PANORAMA _ 2019 Shenzhen New Media Art Festival
      Apr 20, 2019 - Jun 16, 2019
      Opening: Apr 20, 2019 15:00 Saturday
      Curator: SenSend
      Artists: Aojie Lin, boredomresearch, Bruce Bo Ding, Chen Feng, Cheng Guo, David OReilly, Esther Hunziker, Film London Artists' Moving Image Network, Hsiangfu Chen, Jess Johnson, Jin Lee, Karen Kramer, Lawrence Lek, Liaoyuan Zhang, Lichi Hsiao, Lucy Raven, Piet Schmidt, Raven Kwok, Ruben Remco van de Ven, Sabrina Ratté, Semiconductor , videoclub, Yao Liu, Yaqin Si, Yiyun Chen, Yuejun Deng, Yuzhen Tang, Zhang Peili
      • Group Exhibition
    • PARKing::Nature as Data. Chapter 2
      Nov 10, 2018 - Dec 20, 2018
      Opening: Nov 10, 2018 17:00 Saturday
      Curators: Jamie Wyld, SenSend
      Artists: Anne  Haaning , boredomresearch, Lawrence Lek, Patrick Hough, Semiconductor , Suki Chan, Ursula Mayer
      • Group Exhibition
  • Artworks
    • Robots in Distress | boredomresearch

      Video, Other | 2017

    • AfterGlow | boredomresearch

      Video | Mini PC Game system, HD 65'' display or projection, Custom built software in Blender Game Engine, Soundbar or amplifier & speakers | 00:04:36 loop | 2016